Astragalus Root (t) 1:5

Traditionally used in Ayurveda for memory enhancement.
100 ml

Black Cohosh Root (t) 1:5

Traditionally used to help relieve menopausal symptoms
NPN: 80000544
100 ml

Black Ointment

Black ointment is here to soothe skin, muscles and ligaments.

35g ointment

Blast (t) 1:5

Used at the onset of illness to help reduce symptoms (sore throat, irritation of the mucus membrane) of colds, flu and infections of the respiratory tract.
NPN: 80009946
100 ml

Bladderwrack Seaweed (t) 1:5

Stimulates thyroid, helps control weight & has antibiotic effects
NPN: 80006140
100 ml

Burdock Root (LE) 1:4

Traditionally used as a “water pill” & to purify blood
NPN: 80001052
100 ml

Chaste Tree Berry (t) 1:5

Assists with menstrual disorders due to corpus luteum insufficiency.
NPN: 80007289
100 ml

CV Care with Garlic (t) 1:5

Balance & support heart & circulatory system
NPN: 80029291
250 ml


Known to treat: diuretic, urinary, urinary tract.
100 ml

Cramp Bark

Most traditionally used for menstrual cramps.
Item: 1925
100 ml

Fenugreek Seed (LE) 1:5

Traditionally used to treat chronic afflictions of the stomach
NPN: 80000979
100 ml

Ginseng, Siberian Root (t) 1:5

No Longer in Stock

Hawthorn (t) 1:5

Traditionally used as a heart tonic & to strengthen veins
NPN: 80007290
100 ml

Hurtz Away Spray (t) 1:5

Spray for scrapes, cuts, bruises, sores
50 ml

Juniper Plus (le*) 1:4

Rebuild & strengthen the entire urinary tract
250 ml

Milk Thistle Seed (t) 1:4

Used as a liver protectant.
NPN: 80010052
100 ml

MSM-MSC Lotion

Muscle strain or injuries. A great lotion for the sports kit. Wonderful relief for those suffering from rheumatism. Helps to relieve symptoms associated with: sprains torn and strained muscles.
NPN: 80038369
60 ml

Nail It

Traditionally used in herbal medicine to reduce the symptoms of mild tinea pedis, athletes foot, such as itching and irritation.
NPN 80062200
35 g cream

Nettle Leaf (t) 1:5

Traditionally used as a diuretic aid to help increase urine volume & flow, & to irrigate the urinary tract.
NPN: 80000612
100 ml

Oregon Grape Root (t) 1:5

One of the best blood purifiers & liver stimulants
NPN: 80003311
100 ml

Panax Ginseng

Increase energy levels and stimulate immune function.
Item: 1926
100 ml

Passion Flower Herb (t) 1:5

Used for nervous conditions: insomnia, restlesness, hysteria
NPN: 80002781
100 ml

Reishi Blend

Strengthens your body’s ability to fight infections, viruses, toxins and stress.
Item: 1927
100 ml

Skullcap Herb (t) 1:2

Calms the nervous system without narcotic properties
NPN: 80000555
100 ml

Valeriana Blend

Relaxes nervous tension and muscle pain. Promotes sleep naturally.
Item: 1928
100 ml

Valerian Root (t) 1:5

Traditionally used as a sleep aid
NPN: 80000889
100 ml


Helps to reduce symptoms of PMS including acne, headache, mood.
Item: 1929
100 ml

Wormwood Herb (t) 1:5

Treatment of intestinal parasites such as pinworms and roundworms.
NPN: 80006178
100 ml


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